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Your Project’s Home
on the Internet




Building an online presence can be challenging. It’s not always immediately clear how to translate your ideas into a website. But it doesn’t have to be a chore.

We help our clients determine how to best present their project online, using compelling imagery and concise messaging to tell their story.

We’ll help you build an online strategy to engage your target audience and reach even more people using the latest marketing tools, including social media, search optimization, and interactive promotional features.

Spark Blossom is a Manhattan-based web design company.

With our team you get the combined powers of a code-loving web designer and a professional editor and ghostwriter.

We’d love to learn about your project and set up a brainstorming session!

Visual Storytelling

A website communicates information visually. What you present needs to be memorable, compelling, and uncluttered.

On-Brand Messaging

To stand out in a crowded online marketplace, your web presence requires bold, original content that conveys what your brand stands for at a glance.

Audience Engagement

What actions would you like to inspire? Whether making a purchase, initiating contact, or advocating for a cause, we’ll ensure it’s crystal clear.

Web Design

We’ll come up with a modern, fresh website to showcase your project, incorporating your feedback along the way.

Visual Content

Compelling on-brand images, motion graphics, and cutting-edge designs are our specialty.

Written Content

It can be difficult to find the right words. From web copy to blogposts, we’ll help you find your voice, tone, pacing, and style.

Mobile Compatibility

People will access your site on a wide variety of devices. We’ll make sure it looks beautiful on all of them.

Social Media Campaigning

You’ll be able to reach a larger audience by engaging on social platforms in a targeted way.

Market Research

It’s crucial to understand the online strategies of other players in your field.


Web files are technically housed in a server that a “host” maintains. But don’t worry about the nuts and bolts—we’ll take care of everything.

eCommerce Setup

We can develop and customize systems for online monetary transactions.
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Our Process

Define Goals

“Goals are dreams with deadlines.” –Diana Sharf

Here’s where we start getting specific. What exactly do you want to communicate and to whom? What are your indicators of success? What timeframe are we working within?


“Strategy is about shaping the future.” –Max McKeown

We do some creative brainstorming, and research all the possible online strategies to realize your goals—making sure to check out the competition. From there, we figure out the best possible way forward.


“Design is thinking made visual.” –Saul Bass

We code, craft, and configure your dreams into living reality. We do the heavy lifting and keep you in the loop with updates along the way.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” –Leonardo da Vinci

We send you a mockup, get your feedback, and make edits until the end product looks just right.

Launch & Maintain

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” –Steve Martin

We introduce your new site to the world wide web, roll out marketing campaigns, and develop a clear way forward. We’ll also maintain your website and help it grow and adapt as needed.

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Our Team

Michael Tencer

hoarder of books

With more than a decade of professional experience as an editor, indexer, and ghostwriter, Michael is committed to perfecting the online messaging for your project down to the last detail.

Jenn Fauls

runs on coffee

As a web designer, code developer, and online entrepreneur, Jenn has carved out a special niche at the intersection of creativity and technical know-how. Her passion for design will make every facet of your project pop.

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